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So I failed

Yup, I failed. I set myself the challenge of blogging every day during November, and have spectacularly failed!  Failing isn’t something I do particularly well. I hate not achieving what I’ve set out to do, or not delivering the very … Continue reading

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We will remember them.

With grateful and heartfelt thanks to all those who have risked their lives in times of conflict to ensure that my family live in freedom and peace.  Remembering those who have given their lives, or whose mental or physical health … Continue reading

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Turf Wars…

I’m still trying to get my head around the events of yesterday. To say I’m shocked would, in some ways, be an understatement – but on the other hand, I’ve seen many tactics used in business which you wouldn’t find … Continue reading

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Furnace time

You know sometimes when life just gets really tough? When you feel nothing else could go wrong, but it does? When you could really do with a decision going in your favour, only to have it go the other way? … Continue reading

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My bit part in The Truman Show

Recently I went on holiday with one of my best friends. To her, holidays mean Disney, so off we went for 10 days in Florida, staying in one of the Disney hotels. Now, don’t get me wrong here. I had … Continue reading

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The power of a hug

My daughter sent me this cartoon a few weeks ago:     Apparently it reminded her of how I would send them off to school each day with a hug. I’ve always been a very tactile person, and believe that … Continue reading

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I don’t do losing.

    After a bruising few months and some major life upheavals, I had sunk pretty low. My self-confidence was shot to ribbons, and getting out was becoming difficult – almost impossible if I was going into situations where I … Continue reading

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