Furnace time

You know sometimes when life just gets really tough? When you feel nothing else could go wrong, but it does? When you could really do with a decision going in your favour, only to have it go the other way? When you really feel at your lowest, and something comes along and just makes it worse? We’ve all been there. In the words of my darling Dad, “Life’s a bitch, and then you die”… 

But; you know, that’s just when you learn the most. That’s when taking heed of your inner voice and asking the question ‘what can I learn from this?’ can be so important and so powerful. 



It’s so true. Through adversity comes some of our most creative, inspired and inspirational work. When the chips are down and we have no choice but to pull it out of the bag, so often the answer is there. So often it’s the tough times that make us. 

That’s why I call these times ‘furnace times’. When purifying a metal from it’s ore, the usual way to do this is through heating the ore up until everything melts, and then skimming the unwanted impurities from the surface. The impurities only rise up and are able to be separated thanks to the intense heat – but leave the metal more pure and better fit for purpose than before. The way to purify a metal is to repeat this process many times, and each time more and more impurities rise to the surface, until eventually the metal left behind is about as good as it gets. 

Sometimes in our lives we’re put through ‘furnace times’. Bloody hell, I’ve been there! But, I’ll pretty much guarantee you that each of these times we’ll look back on and say ‘I’m stronger for that experience’ or ‘I learned a lot from that’… or even ‘that was the best thing that ever happened to me’. Sometimes these experiences can be what makes us, what purifies us and equips us for the purpose we have, and sometimes these experiences can cause us to focus on what’s important and ‘cut the cr*p’ out of our lives. 

So, instead of getting depressed, getting angry, or feeling that life is unfair, try to get inspired to find those brilliant solutions. 


About The Marketing Angel

Inspired by those with the passion to succeed, I work with business owners to create tailored strategies for cost effective lead generation.
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