How to spot a firework business

No, I’m not talking about the businesses that create the reasons for our oooh’s and ahh’s at this time of year. There’s no reason to avoid them – well, unless you happen to be of a nervous disposition or carrying a naked flame ;).  I’m talking about businesses that I call ‘firework’ businesses. Businesses that launch in a whoosh of noise and a plethora of bright lights, calling attention to themselves and gathering a lot of publicity; yet once the bright lights are over, they drift away like smoke on the breeze…

If you’ve been around in the world of business for a while, you’ll recognise what I mean. Those businesses that launch in a blaze of self generated hype, making amazing claims and promises. Where the hype just seems a little too good to be true…

If you’ve been around in business long enough to see these type of companies, you’ll also have been around in business long enough to know that with extremely rare exceptions there are no ‘get rich quick with minimum effort’ schemes. There are no short cuts to success. And there are so many so called business owners who love the idea of self employment, like the kudos with being able to say ‘I have my own business’ and call themselves ‘Managing Director’ – a bit of a stretch, given it’s normally just them and the dog – but they don’t want do invest the graft, grit and determination to make that business successful in the real world.

Associating with firework businesses can be a draining distraction. Best to focus your attention away from the self publicists and instead build a network of trusted contacts who have proved their worth. Don’t stop nurturing new businesses or making new contacts, but beware of those who launch with a blaze of light and sound, without the substance behind them to give the confidence that they’ll be around after the initial display.


About The Marketing Angel

Inspired by those with the passion to succeed, I work with business owners to create tailored strategies for cost effective lead generation.
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