Moving home – new starts, fresh beginnings

Moving home is always a challenging time, and this time has been no exception for me. This one is an odd move, I’m going back to the home I’ve owned for the past 14 years – long story – but it has presented some pretty unique challenges.

During the move, I have undertaken a serious declutter, and I have become aware that living with chaos and clutter is actually highly stressful for me and takes a huge amount of energy to manage. I’ve spent the last week decorating my bedroom – starting afresh – and now this is complete I’m going through each and every cupboard, drawer and rail and working out whether I really need to keep each item – those that I don’t are being sorted into an eBay pile, a donate pile or a pile to take to recycling. This process is incredibly cathartic – from chaos and disorder, I’m creating order and organisation – and this feels so much better.

This set me thinking to matters business. Do you need to undertake a declutter in business – physical or metaphorical? Are you sure that everything you do has direct value and direct benefit to your business? Are you sure you’re not expending energy by living in chaos and clutter in your business life? Please don’t waste energy dealing with chaos – it will sap you and stop you from moving efficiently forwards. If you need to employ the services of someone to support you in whatever way is appropriate – be it a bookkeeper, a virtual assistant, or someone to review your marketing, please do this as your first step to a streamlined, efficient and organised business. Not only does it feel so much better and easier, it also will be more effective and make you more money!




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2 Responses to Moving home – new starts, fresh beginnings

  1. Daniel Lyon says:

    The same goes for our personal lives; don’t carry around emotional baggage, discard it and enjoy the freedom this brings to your life.

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