Where do I begin?

I guess at the beginning!

The Marketing Angel was born out of my belief that there is a need for tailored, down to earth marketing strategies for small businesses that don’t cost a fortune and which work in the real world, not just in a corporate boardroom.

I love to work closely with my clients, to get to know them and their businesses well, so that I can deliver creative, intuitive solutions which work for them, aiming to make sure that ‘doing the marketing’ doesn’t become a chore. I can offer a ‘done for’ service, but really enjoy teaching people to use the tools that suit their business so that they can do it for themselves.

My philosophy of marketing is very customer focussed, I believe passionately in undercommitting and overdelivering, in honesty, and in integrity. I hope to display these characteristics myself, and always encourage my clients to do the same.

No doubt this blog will also drift into the inevitable challenges of self employment, and also into the other parts of me – I’m a Mum to two grown up daughters, and have a number of hobbies and sports – mainly kite buggying.

I’d love to hear from anyone who finds this blog an interesting read, so comments are always welcome!


About The Marketing Angel

Inspired by those with the passion to succeed, I work with business owners to create tailored strategies for cost effective lead generation.
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2 Responses to Where do I begin?

  1. Gemma Savage says:

    Have been following your tweets so will
    Most definitely be looking out for your blogs to get to know you & your wonderful business! Good luck x

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